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A statement from Brett McCaig (Writer & Producer of Rob Ford the Musical):The opening of Rob Ford the Musical is…

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A statement from Brett McCaig (Writer & Producer of Rob Ford the Musical):

The opening of Rob Ford the Musical is proceeding as planned. But in light of recent events involving Mr. Ford and his family, we have decided to cancel our gala red carpet, opening night party and will dim the marquee this evening in deference.

The show will continue as planned as we fulfill contractual obligations to the cast, crew, theatre staff and honour ticket obligations to the patrons. We are a small company, using our own private funds and employing 25 actors and industry professionals. Months of work, rehearsals, time and dollars have been poured into this passion project.

We’ve weighed our options carefully and decided that we owe it to everyone who has dedicated themselves and audiences, to go on with the show.

The show is a lampoon of politics and power in Canada with Toronto’s Mayor as the central figure, whose activities have made international headlines for more than two years.
We will also be collecting donations for the Canadian cancer society, nightly.

We all send our best wishes to Rob Ford and his family well during this time.

Thank you!

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