Great hometown interview with Sheldon

Getting to know Justin Bott – AKA Doug Ford

Q: Whom are you channeling as your character? A: Doug Ford...and that's a lot to harness. [caption id="attachment_308" align="alignnone" width="300"]…

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Q: Whom are you channeling as your character?

A: Doug Ford…and that’s a lot to harness.

Justin is Doug Ford!
Justin is Doug Ford!

Q: If you had to be any super hero who would you be and why?

A: Batman. I like gadgets. Although…I don’t like rubber.

Q: What’s your funniest/most embarrassing stage ‘faux pas’?

A: Once during a performance I forgot the lyrics of a song. The band, audience and my fellow cast mate stared at me in total silence while I hopped offstage (faking an injury), asked the assistant stage manager for my next lyric, hopped back on stage and continued the song. #mortified

Q: What would you like god to say to you when you enter the pearlie gates?

A: “Welcome home, son.”

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